There are more than 160 commodity related ETFs, which makes commodities among the largest ETF categories, but only around 30 have an average daily trading volume >100,000 shares. In ETF trading and investing, volume matters.

There are 23 Diversified Commodity ETFs, 18 Agriculture ETFs, 33 Energy ETFs, 21 Industrial Metal ETFs, 3 Livestock ETFs, 39 Precious Metals ETFs and 11 Soft Commodity ETFs. Only a few are backed by the physical commodity, such as gold; the vast majority are backed by futures contracts.

Due to the use of futures contracts, many commodity-related ETFs have large tracking errors. It is imperative that you research Commodity ETFs carefully before investing.

ETFs and ETNs with the highest volume include:


(DBA) Deutsche Bank Agriculture Fund


(UWTI) 3X Long Crude ETN (USO) United States Oil Fund (OIL) S&P Crude Oil ETN (SCO) Ultrashort DJ-UBS Crude Oil (DWTI) 3X Inverse Crude Oil ETN (DBO) Deutsche Bank Oil Fund


(DBC) Deutsche Bank Commodity Index Tracking Fund (RJI) Rogers International Commodity ETN (GSG) GSCI Commodity Indexed Trust Fund (USCI) U.S. Commodity Index Fund


(UGAZ) 3X Long Natural Gas (DGAZ) 3X Inverse Natural Gas ETN (UNG) U.S. Natural Gas Fund (BOIL) Ultra DJ-UBS Natural Gas


(SLV) Silver Trust (GLD) SPDR Gold Trust (IAU) Comex Gold Trust (AGQ) Ultra Silver (USLV) 3X Long Silver ETN