Dr. Kenneth ReidWelcome to ETF Investor Pro, I’m Dr. Kenneth Reid. 

I’m not a medical doctor; I have a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, which, it turns out, is quite useful when it comes to understanding market dynamics, which are both technically and psychologically challenging. I have an established international coaching practice for financial traders. I’ve worked with bank and hedge fund traders as well as Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs), many of whom have little experience with technical trading.

Most RIAs are former brokers and ‘asset gatherers’ who rely on personal relationships to maintain AUM during bear markets. This is why so many self-directed investors are disenchanted with brokers and advisors and are deciding to educate themselves and take a more active role in their financial future.  

I’ve never been a broker and never managed money professionally; I took a different route. After semi-retiring in 1996 from a successful manufacturing business I built, I began trading my own account. After losing my shirt, I was highly motivated to learn technical analysis to stop the bleeding. At the time, I subscribed to a very popular stock-picking newsletter and during the year 2000 I found myself in constant disagreement with the trades and market calls of the Founder and Editor in Chief. I was rather pointed in my criticism, and much to my surprise, after demonstrating my stock picking ability, he offered me a job.  

I worked there for 10 years as a pundit, managing virtual portfolios and running several trading alert services. After I noticed the surge in ETF issuance in 2006, we launched what I believe was the very first ETF trading service in 2007, with weekly trading alerts. Occasionally, my insights were syndicated to other publications such as Smart Money, Zacks and Forbes. I even had my 2 minutes of fame on CNBC. 

I retired in 2012 to focus full-time on my private coaching practice and on algorithm development, which had been a passion of mine since 2009. Over the years I was fortunate to find several skilled programmers to collaborate with. After many thousands of hours of coding and testing and re-testing, I decided to revive my original ETF Alert Service with a much more sophisticated set of analytical tools and algorithms. 

Take our software for a ride, risk-free for 30 days, evaluate our ETF Alerts and come to your own conclusions. I think you will be impressed! 

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